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Lower Lights Prison Ministries
Rev. & Mrs. Dennis L. Morgan
P.O. Box 4
Dublin , Ga.   31040  
478 272-3300  or  706 506-8258

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The Church Behind The Wire  

     What is the definition of the word church?  Webster in short defines it as The collective body of Christians.  The Greek word used for church when Jesus said ‘upon this rock I will build my church’ is  ekklesia which means ‘a calling out’.  So we could be safe to say that the church is the collective body of Christians who have been called out.  Called out of what?  The answer is obvious, called out of sin and unto fellowship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

     We have the privilege of ministering to a unique part of the bride of Christ.  This portion of the bride could rightfully be called the church behind the wire.  Because of the grace of God, his mercy and love, many have been liberated from the bondage of sin.  Though made free by Christ they have not been set free from their debt to society and punishment for their crimes.  Hence known as the church behind the wire, and yet, very much a part of the bride of Christ.

     This church is under attack of the enemy.  Satan uses heresies, philosophies, evil spirits, and many vile instruments to try to overcome the body of Christ. Through it all we are seeing the hand of God move and strengthen the faithful as they endeavor to move on in the kingdom of God . 

     Recidivism (repeat convictions) is a very troublesome dilemma within the prison system.  There is an ongoing search for the right tools to help men and women when they get out to help them move back into society.  But we believe that the greatest need is for them to be truly changed by the grace of God.  When this takes place recidivism can be a thing of the past. 

     The longer we labor in this field the more we realize the need of taking truth and encouragement to the church behind the wire.  For the sake of those who do return to society we realize the need of a truth bearing church to welcome them and continue the disciplining process in their lives.  When these people change their address from the prison they will be looking for a church of like faith on the outside.  Will you join us as we labor in the church behind the wire, whose church members may someday be a part of your congregation?


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