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Lower Lights Prison Ministries
Rev. & Mrs. Dennis L. Morgan
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Dublin , Ga.   31040
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Church Behind The Wire

The following is a testimony of an inmate whose life has been changed by the power of God. 
As he puts it

      I was born on October 21, 1958 in Greenville , South Carolina , where I was raised and lived all my life.  I was brought up in a good Christian home by loving parents, but never knew Him as my true Lord and Savior until many, many years later.  I had all the head knowledge about God, but did not have it in my heart. Knowing about God may interest us, but it is knowing God that changes us.  Knowing the Bible is one thing, but knowing the author is quite another.

     I was basically a good kid growing up, doing well in school.  But when I hit my teenage years, the rebellion came. I never stopped. I never looked back.  At 13 years of age, I fell to peer pressure and began smoking cigarettes.  At 15, I was smoking marijuana and had been introduced to inhalants.  My choice of inhalants was spray paint that I sprayed into a paper bag onto a rag.  We called it “huffing.” Things only got worse and worse from there, as sin is always a downward spiral like cancer, it only gets worse and never better.  It eats away at you.  It always takes you farther than you want to go, keeps you longer than you want to stay, and costs you much more than you want to pay.  Next came the pills; all kinds, types, shapes, sizes.  Then I went onto powders, meth-amphetamine, and cocaine, which I graduated to injecting into my veins with needles.  And, of course, all the trouble that goes along with this, - in and out of jail numerous times.

     I was able to graduate high school in 1976.  I married my high school girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time. She gave birth to a son on August 31.  The marriage lasted only 5 years and she finally divorced me on grounds of habitual drunkenness, as alcohol had now come into my life.  I had also started seeing the mental health people, the psychologists, the psychiatrists, telling me how I had this mental problem, or that mental problem, take this pill, or this, or that pill for that, which only added another addiction to my long list of chemical dependencies.  But I never had any mental problems, as I would later discover.

     What I had was a sin problem, and there is no pill that you can take for that.  There is only one cure for that and it is the Lord Jesus Christ, which I would later discover.  But after that came my prison trips.  I have now been in prison seven times because of alcohol and drugs and my sinful lifestyle.  I had also become addicted to pornography, as my list of addictions only grew longer, which sin always does.  Throughout my life, there had been times when I would try to do better, and might for a while.  But I would always revert back to old habits and ways, because I was always trying to do good in my own strength.  My own strength no match for any addiction, not the ones I had.  My strength was certainly no match for Satan.  A human being on his own can never defeat Satan; it cannot be done.  He will beat you every time.  Apart from Jesus Christ and His divine help, there is no hope.  No man can change himself or his heart.  Only Christ can do that in man.  He does not change our heart; He gives us a new heart. He makes us new creatures in Christ.  Old things pass away, all things become new.  He sets us free from the bondage of sin and delivers from all addictions.  But my problem was, I would not fully trust him, totally commit to him, and totally surrender to him.  I was holding onto the world with one hand and trying to hold onto Jesus with the other, yet still depending on my mental health pills, my alcohol, and still smoking cigarettes.  I could never gain complete victory over these things in my life.  And I know now it was just a lack of complete and total trust in Christ to set me free from all these things.

     I was still trusting in man, the psychologists, the psychiatrists, also two trips to state hospitals, but they never offered help, because they did not have any help to offer.  Man himself is the problem.  A problem cannot solve a problem.  Only the true problem solver can offer the solution to the problem.  The problem is sin, and the true problem solver is Jesus Christ.  He forgives us of our sin, lifts its burden from off us, and sends and empowers us with His Holy Spirit that dwells within us.  He gives us the power that we need, then and only then, to be set free and delivered from addictions and the power of sin in our lives.  He gives us power over the devil.  We then can live victorious lives because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.  And praise God, after living many years in sin, living for the devil, destroying my life, and hurting all others around me, all the time I spent in prisons, treatment centers, mental institutions, running from the law to avoid capture on two occasions, which becoming a homeless person running all the way from the east coast to the west coast, ending up riding freight trains, living in the streets, down into the absolute gutter, after all this and so much more, I just thank God that on February 19, 2007 at 8:45 p.m. I finally fell on my knees, and finally, totally, and completely surrendered to God.

     I finally let go of the world, completely and totally put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ to save me, and help me, to deliver me, and praise God; He did just that.  At that point I was saved, born again, made a new creature in Christ Jesus, and praise God instantly delivered from cigarettes.  I had been addicted to cigarettes for 35 years, but instantly set free from them.  I was also set free from all the mental health pills I was taking for my dirty, nasty, foul mouth, and dirty mind.  Instantly on March 15, I was also delivered from a caffeine addiction to coffee.  What man could never help me with my whole life; Jesus Christ took from me, and delivered me in an instant of time.  He also gave me a burning desire and a hunger and thirst for His Word, and a boldness and courage and desire to be His witness, testifying of all that He had delivered me from.  Some refer to it as “quitting“, but I never say, “I quit“, I was never able to say, “I quit.”  I tried and stopped for a while without feeding my addictions, especially cigarettes, but I always wanted one so bad that I could not stand it.  But I say I was delivered because Jesus Christ took away also the desire for those things.  I never even thought about smoking another one, or taking another pill, either legal or illegal, or taking another drink of alcohol or coffee.  The desire was totally gone for good.  That is the difference between quitting and being delivered by the power of Christ Jesus.

     I want everyone to know that what Christ has done in my life, He can do in anyone’s life if they will only trust Him and put all of their faith in Him, and Him alone, turn loose of the world, and turn totally to Jesus Christ.  He will save you, forgive you, no matter what you have done.  He can and will deliver you from any addictions that you have in your life.  Only Christ and Christ alone can save, forgive sins, and deliver and give victory in our lives.  Jesus Christ is the answer.  He is the answer to any problem.  He is our only help and our only hope.  Only Christ and He alone can give true peace, joy, contentment, and happiness.  Only He can satisfy that yearning in our hearts.  Without Christ, we face a hopeless end.  But with Christ, we have an endless hope.  Psalms 34:8, “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good.” And He is so good!